Business Based Immigration

Business Based Immigration to the United States can be a frustrating and complex process. Knowing how to successfully navigate the maze of rules, regulations and changing laws requires patience and precision. With help from the Hein Law Firm, L.C., we can make the process less arduos with better results based on our understanding of the law and new regulations. With the Immigration legal system constantly adapting to the ever changing needs, our attorneys will help you reach your goals and make it through the application process. Understanding your rights and the benefits available to you is a good start to a successful application.

There are several ways you can be granted access to the United States with a Business visa. Employers, Employees and investors may face different challenges in realizing their goals. Having an attorney help you through the process can ease some of the confusion and time it takes to apply by making sure your application is completed properly the first time. Most denials come from lack of preparation or errors made in the application process. We understand the law and have the experience to see your case through.

If you are an employee, employer or investor and would like to learn more about what it takes to immigrate to the United States, call us and we can get started today.

The Hein Law Firm is located in St. Louis, MO but our reach is quite international with offices in Mexico City and Buenos Aires Argentina. We service all immigration law matters and will promply respond to your inquiries. In fact, we offer a FREE initial consultation to establish the parameters of your case.

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