Julio Panameño Client

Asylum in the United States

Asylum in the United States…

“Hi, my name is Julio and this is my testimonial.

I am a young man from El Salvador.  I left my country when I was 17 years old in search of a safe place to live.  I was being pursued by one of the members of the extremely violent Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) Gang that exists in my country.  My life was in great danger.

In 2005, I decided to seek asylum in the United States.  At that time I did not have any documents to show the immigration agents that would allow me to enter the country legally, so I entered illegally.  I was detained by immigration agents at the border, and then was going to be deported to my country, but thanks to the help of the Hein Law Firm I was able to obtain permanent residency a few days after I turned 18.  I am happy and thank the Hein Law Firm very much for the efforts they made to help me and in that way avoid being deported to El Salvador.  Now I am able to live freely and without danger.  Thank you very much.”

Julio Panameño – St. Louis, Missouri

Angel Acosta Las Mulitas LLC

Friendly and Trustworthy

“Richard has helped me with both personal and business legal advise. Being bilingual Richard’s help was great for me when just arrived to St. Louis and didn’t know very well all the legal terms in English. 
I will recommend Richard and his Law Firm for all your legal needs. 
He is very friendly and trustworthy. 
Highly Recommended with a 5 stars rating! “

Angel A. – Las Mulitas LLC –  St. Louis, Missouri

Gaston Reinoso Attorney

Client Colleague Testimonial

“Rick is a high quality attorney and valuable contact for anyone’s legal needs, particularly in the area of Immigration. I have consulted him and his staff in several opportunities and he has always responded quickly to my requests and provided immediate assistance when necessary. I have also recommended other friends to consult with Rick on immigration matters and they have all been very satisfied with his work. One of his most valuable attributes is his level of integrity & honesty. Rick will not promise results that he believes are unreachable. 
I would strongly recommend anyone to consider hiring Rick Hein as legal counsel.” 


George Quintero Client

Best Attorney

“Mr. Hein was able to resolve my girlfriends visa status so that we could get married. He helped me navigate the complex legal system to achieve our dream of getting married in the United States. If you need help with a spouse or Fiancee Visa, Mr. Hein is the Attorney I recommend!”

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