Visas for United States

The Hein Law Firm L.C. will assist you through the complex immigration visa process and help you reunite with family members abroad so they can enter the United States. There are many visas for United States and knowing which one is the right one to apply for can be frustrating and confusing.

In addition to family based immigration, we also offer services for business purposes including investor or intra-company transfer immigration visas. Whatever your needs, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to answer all your questions and determine what the best course of action is in your case.

Too often immigration visas are denies due to incorrect fullfillment of the application process, errors or omisions can delay or deny your application. Hein Law Firm L.C. has the knowledge of the the law and regulations to help you navigate the complex process and help you achieve your goal of legal status in the United States. Call us at (314) 645-7900 or use our online contact form to get started today. We offer FREE initial consultations with no obligation.

Because Immigration Law is a Federal Legal matter, we are authorized to help you with your case anywhere in the United States. We are located in St. Louis, MO and serve your needs on a national level. Call today and let’s get started.

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